Goliath And The Dragon

2573. GOLIATH and THE DRAGON (1960-Italy). COLOR. With MARK FOREST, BRODERICK CRAWFORD. As this imaginative epic of ancient Greek folklore begins, Theban leader Goliath enters the dragon-protected “Cave Of Horrors.” His mission is to rescue the sacred Blood Diamond and return it to the forehead of the idol from which it has been stolen. The thief is King Eurystheus, the arch-enemy to Goliath. While Goliath fights a string of demonic creatures in order to rescue the hallowed jewel, Eurystheus holds a banquet and declares to all that Goliath is dead. This is just one shrewd step in his wicked plot to annihilate Goliath and then capture the city of Thebes. Many years before, Goliath was given the power to escape death at the hands of mortals, in exchange for his service to the god of Vengeance and the goddess of the Four Winds. In spite of thai special protection, Goliath could lose his life to any one of the many monsters who challenge his famous brawn. Will Goliath survive the Cave Of Horrors and then wage battle with Eurystheus to save Thebes from downfall? In this well-mounted production, Goliath’s plight makes for classic sword-and-sandal excitement! Dubbed in English. 87 minutes. Sword and Sandal