1647. GOLIATHON (1979-Hong Kong). COLOR. With EVELYN KRAFT, LEE HASSEN. In ancient times an earthquake rocks a remote, tranquil Indian village. This tragedy is compounded by the arrival of a giant gorilla, a ten-story-tall creature that terrorizes the natives. Centuries later, a group of Hong Kong businessmen with dollar signs in their eyes desire to seek out and capture the creature, and place it on display. They hire Johnny, a rugged young hunter, to head an expedition to find the ape. Johnny is abandoned by his crew after they encounter one-too-many hungry tigers, hazardous swamps and elephant stampedes. He treks onward, and soon crosses paths with both the ape and a beautiful, practically naked jungle goddess who frolics among the wild animals – and, as Johnny quickly sees, has a very special relationship with the gorilla. The sometimes campy special effects and hilariously awful dialogue am dubbing make this one a laugh riot. At the same time, there’s more than enough suspense to sustain the action-adventure-thriller between its unintentional chuckles. Dubbed in English. 81 minutes. Science Fiction