Gosta Berling’s Saga

1258. GOSTA BERLING’S SAGA (The Atonement of Gosta Berling) (1924-Sweden). With IARS HANSON, GRETA GARBO. Directed by MAURITZ STILLER. The Divine Garbo’s second feature film, and first imÂportant screen appearance. The scenario, adapted from a novel by Nobel Prize-winner SELMA LAGERLOF, chroniÂcles the tribulations of a defrocked priest (Lars Hanson). He falls in love with a young, beautiful-and married- woman, portrayed by Garbo. Before our eyes, we see her commencing to plant the seeds of her creativity as an acÂtress: she plays a character who is sophisticated and romantic but ultimately tragic-the type of role she enacted so masterfully at the zenith other fame. This was a major cinema event back in 1924. Sillier built 48 separate sets for the film; Stockholm’s leading coutourier designed Garbo’s gowns. Today, the film still works quite nicely as’ a subtle, serious drama of men and women in crisis. Its highlight is surely the rousing chase sequence, in which Garbo and Hanson race across a frozen lake in a one-horse sleigh, chased by a pack of wolves. Subtitles in English replace the original Swedish inter-titles. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed. 123 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama