Great Railroad At Work, A

2920. A GREAT RAILROAD AT WORK (1942-USA). Narrated by LOWELL THOMAS. The great railroad is The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, once the best way for passengers and freight to travel between New York and Boston. The president of the line greets us by saying, “We are proud of our mechanical equipment, but we are prouder still of our people.” This is a portrait of how the railroad operates and how it is maintained, from the short haul freight run to the crack express “The Yankee Clipper” (which believe it or not, has white side-walled driving wheels!). The behind the scenes look at what makes a real railroad operate waxes lyrical at times. “The rhythm of the rails seem to sing” as we see how the trains are kept moving, from buying a ticket for a little girl going to Boston, to delivering a huge crate from Pratt and Whitney destined for export. In the mood for a snack? Let’s visit the “grill car” (less formal than the “dining car”) for clam chowder, roast beef with peas and mashed potatoes, and gingerbread with whipped cream. The check will come to 80 cents. Now, this was a great railroad! 47 minutes. Railroading