Green Eyes

3062. GREEN EYES (1934-USA). With SHIRLEY GREY, CHARLES STARRETT. This engrossing murder mystery opens amid the revelry of a costume party where the guests are immersed in a spirited game of hide-and-seek. They open a closet door in search of the person who is hiding. What they find is something else altogether and results in a cry of horror. Inside the closet is a corpse, wearing an oversized paper mache Chinese mask. Three fatal knife wounds are in his back. The victim is Steven Kester, the wealthy host of the party. The police are summoned to the scene and begin their investigation. It just so happens that Kester’s granddaughter Jean and her boyfriend Cliff Miller had just left the party under mysterious circumstances. As they drive away they are picked up by the authorities and hauled back to the Kester mansion. For obvious reasons, the police consider Jean and Cliff the prime murder suspects. One of the party guests is Michael Tracy, a clever and quick-witted writer of detective stories. You can be sure that Tracy will horn his way into the investigation and outwit the police as he plays a key role in solving the crime. 68 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense