Green Glove, The; Gauntlet, The

2087. THE GREEN GLOVE (1952-USA). WITH glenn ford, geraldine brooks, cedric HARDWICKE. A taut action drama featuring Glenn Ford in one Of his most robust screen roles. He plays Michael Brake, a rugged paratrooper who is among the thousands Of World War II G.I.s to participate in the Allied liberation Of the South Of France. As he makes his way behind enemy lines, Blake comes upon a mysterious English-speaking man Of dubious nationality. In his possession is the “green glove,” a medieval artifact which is studded with valuable gems. An exploding bomb separates Blake from the man and the briefcase containing the glove. Cut to post-war Paris where Blake has returned to commence searching for the relic. At the same time it has a value which tranÂscends money. It was once the centerpiece Of a rural French church which had become a religious sanctuary. However, at one point during the war the glove was stolen. It remains lost and you know that Blake is not the only person looking for it. No sooner does our hero hook up romantically with a pert tour guide than a strange man who bad been stalking him is found dead in his hotel room. What follows is an edge-Of-your-seat saga Of heroism and greed, intrigue and honor, highlighted by thrilling chases and additional mayhem. Filmed on location in France, Monte Carlo and various rusÂtic locales; the above-par cinematography is by CLAUDE RENOIR (brother Of Jean). 89 minutes. Adventure