Green Promise, The

2398. THE GREEN PROMISE (i949-usA). with marguerite chapman, walter brennan, ROBERT PAIGE, NATALIE WOOD, MILBURN STONE. Recently widowed Mr. Matthews and his four children arrive in a small town deep in the heart of America’s farm country. “I don’t suppose you ever had to watch a good farm blow right out from under your feet,” he explains when asked why he and his offspring have come to the community. But Matthews is more than partially to blame for his failure. It quickly becomes apparent that he is a pig-headed man who “only sees what he wants to see, not what’s really there.” For another, he is a less-than-ideal father. The eldest daughter is Deborah, whose ideas and insights are constantly being pounced upon by her father. As a result she is a troubled and unhappy young woman. Then there’s little Susan, a precocious child who has her heart set on raising lambs and joining the local 4-H club. Also playing a major part in the story is David Barkley, the county government agent who takes a fatherly interest in Susan and a romantic one in Deborah. Walter Brennan gives a fine dramatic performance as Matthews. After watching him here, you will see exactly why he merited three Best Supporting Actor Academy Awards during the late 1930s and early 40s. Finally, eleven-year-old Natalie Wood proves herself quite a young actress as she puts forth a gallery of emotions in her role as Susan. 94 minutes. Drama