Gun Girls

2426. GUN GIRLS (1956-USA). With TIMOTHY FARRELL. Sit back, nibble on some popcorn and get ready for yet another unabashedly cornball melodrama that neatly fits into the “so-hokey-it’s-hilarious” movie genre. This one is a chronicle of what is presented as a new phenomenon of modern urban society: ample-bosomed “girl delinquents” who wear light dresses and chainsmoke cigarettes. Even though the film’s alleged purpose is to soberingly inform the viewer of this “new twist” on juvenile delinquency, the girls manage to be forever changing their blouses and lifting their skirts before the camera. This particular group initially is seen posing during a police line-up, after which its members are placed on parole. One is a sweet young thing named Doris, whose nice-guy boyfriend keeps urging her to join him at school dances and partake in other wholesome activities. Instead, Doris prefers hanging out with the sluttish Teddy. The latter is a blonde bombshell with a bad attitude who favors low-cut blouses and short skirts. As criminals and gang leaders go, Teddy is strictly at the bottom of the pack. She is “masterminding” a warehouse robbery which could be pulled off more competently by The Three Stooges. The sole “name” actor in the cast is Timothy Farrell, whose mug will be familiar to fans of 1950s trash movies. He appears as Joe, your friendly neighborhood fence whom Teddy ineptly schemes to double-cross. The script and acting are collectively dreadful. Our favorite line, spoken by one of the “gun girls” as she is being seduced by Joe: “You must think I’m a cheap floozy but I’m not…not really.” 67 minutes. Exploitation