Gung Ho

993. GUNG HO! (1943-usA). With Randolph SCORR, noah beery, jr., j. carrol naish, sam levENE, ROD CAMERON, ROBERT MITCHUM. Produced by WALTER WANGER. Music conducted by HANS SALTER. Explosive World War II drama, depicting Colonel Carlson’s tough Second Marine Raider Battalion, from its inception, through its extremely grueling training, and on to the beaches and jungles Of the South Pacific, for its first glorious victories against the Japanese. The Battalion’s motto is “Gung Ho!” (the Chinese words for “work” and “together”), and it’s Gung Ho action all the way, as the fearless Raiders make bold assaults against machine gun nests, wipe out radio installations, elude Japanese ships and planes, and engage in the fiercest rifle, bayonet, and hand-to-hand combat you’ll ever see on the screen. War adventure at its best, and a prime example Of Hollywood anti-Jap propaganda at its most virulent. “Gung Ho!” was made at a time when America’s fortunes in the war hung in the balance, and the movie industry felt the need to remind us that we must avenge Pearl Harbor, and destroy the sneaky, grinning, vicious “sons Of… the Rising Sun.” Watch for the young Robert Mitchum as a valiant leatherneck nick-named “Pig-Iron”. In this, the first YEAR Of his movie career, the sleepy-eyed actor made no fewer than eighteen films! 77 minutes. War Drama