Happy Go Lucky

2305. HAPPY GO LUCKY (1937-USA). WITH phil regan, evelyn venable, jed prouty. A crackerjack American military flyer has disappeared while in the middle Of a trans-Pacific flight in a specially designed plane. Some think the plane has crashed and he’s dead. Others are convinced that he “sold out to a foreign agent.” His wife Mary subsequently finds herself in Shanghai. She attends a show whose headliner, Happy Jack Cole, is an absolute double for her supposedly deceased mate. “I’m so glad I’ve found you after all these weeks, ” she gushes. However, Cole claims he has never before seen her. He is convinced she is crazy while she thinks he is suffering from amnesia. So begins this fast-paced combination musical and action-adventure. In which our mystery-man hero soon is slugged on the head and knocked unconscious. When he regains his senses he finds himself in the company Of a corpse! As the scenario unravels he is constantly in danÂger in a one-against-the-world situation as he finds himself battling a clever gang Of international spies. 53 minutes. Adventure-Musical