Harlem Rides The Range

2329. HARLEM RIDES THE RANGE (1939-usa). WITH Herbert Jeffrey (Herb Jefferies), Spencer Williams. This entertaining all-black-cast Western is crammed with blazing guns A. fisticuffs, not to mention singing and comic relief. It tells the story of an aging and debt-ridden miner named Jim Dennison. He has been laboring for fourteen years to strike it rich in Dog Valley and finally has succeeded in uncovering a valuable radium deposit. Dennison is immediately squeezed by the dastardly Bradley and his henchman Connors, who demand a cut in his stake. When the miner refuses, he is roughed up by the duo and murdered by Connors. Enter handsome, hard-riding and straight-shooting crooning cowboy Bob Blake (nicely played by popular singing star Herb Jeffries). He and his comical sidekick Dusty have just come onto the scene from Texas. They sign on as ranch hands at the Watson spread and soon find themselves deeply involved in the strife. What follows is a bang-up Western adventure with a lickety-split plot involving blackmail, more killing and quite a few surprises. 56 minutes. ÒAll BlackÓ Western