Harmony Lane

1522. HARMONY LANE (1935-USA). WITH Douglass Montgomery, evelyn venable, ioseph cawTHORN, WILLIAM FRAWLEY, CLARENCE MUSE. Stephen Foster was one Of America’s most popular and beloved 19th Century composers. His creations were at once spirited and sentimental, colorfully capturing the temper Of the times. They include “Beautiful Dreamer,” “Old Folks at Home,””Swanee River,” “Oh! Susanna” and “De Camp-town Races.” All Of these and plenty more are featured in Harmony Lane, a bouncy, bright, frequently moving musical biography starring sweet-faced Douglass Montgomery as Foster (whose name is spelled wrong in the credits}. In spite Of his father, who discourages his interest in music, Foster persists in his desire to com pose. He finds inspiraÂtion from the Negro spirituals; the scenario chronicles his ups and downs as he attempts to gain-and maintain – success and recognition, and the ups and downs in his relationships with the women in his life: Jane McDowell, whom he marries, and Susan Pentland, his true love. Harmony Lane is enhanced by a line supporting cast. William Frawley in particular, who over the decades brightened countless films and television shows, is memorable as E.P. Christy, the minstrel king. Caution: The soundtrack is noisy in spots. 77 minutes. Musical Biopic