Harold Lloyd Silent Comedies Volume 3

1. CALENDAR (April 16, 1962-USA) CBS TV. With HAROLD LLOYD, HARRY REASONER. “No one who ever lived has made more people laugh longer and harder than Harold Lloyd,” explains Harry Reasoner in this 1962 broadcast. It goes on to feature a once-in-a-lifetime interview with Lloyd, in which the then-middle-aged king of silent comedy offers keen insights into his special brand of visual mirth, Included are clips from some of Lloyd’s classic films, along with funny scenes with Chaplin, Keaton and Langdon.
2. COURT HOUSE CROOKS (July, 1915). With HAROLD LLOYD, MINTA DURFEE, FORD STERLING. Buxom Minta is married to the judge, but flirts with the District Attorney, but poor Harold Lloyd winds up in the clink! NOTE: This film is also available as cat. #2060.
3. NEVER WEAKEN (1921 -USA). With HAROLD LLOYD. Story co-authored by HAL ROACH. Harold is “The Boy,” a youth who is madly in love with “The Girl.” She is dejected because her osteopath boss must fire her because of lack of business. “The Boy” has a clever and unique way of helping to drum up customers. Harold haplessly attempts to commit suicide, and ends up dangling for dear life from high above the streets of the city. This is one of Lloyd’s most famous comedy sequences.
4. NEVER TOUCHED ME (1919-USA). This fast-paced comic slapstick is sure to tickle your funnybone. Harold is in top form as an ardent suitor who is the recipient of much abuse (physical and otherwise) as he aspires to court his beloved. Sound film and ‘”silent” films with music score. 74 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy and Interview