Harrold Lloyd’s Comedy Classics

160. HAROLD LLOYD’S COMEDY CLASSICS (1916-1919-USA). WHY DO MANY PEOPLE think that Harold Lloyd is as funny as-maybe even funnier than-Chaplin and Keaton? These following comic gems will give you some excellent reasons, as they showcase Lloyd’s unique talents in an interesting variety Of roles. Return to the crazy world Of silent comedy at its best!
THE CHEF (1919). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Lloyd, a restaurant’s chef, hardly has to get up from his chair, thanks to his delightful Rube Goldberg contraptions: just pulling strings and moving long poles enable him to do everything from pushing a hen Off an egg to tossing soup through the air. Slapstick galore, as Lloyd wrestles a fish in the restaurant’s fountain, then lands, with the fish, on a customer’s table. His antics cause a fire and a flood, turning the place into a chaotic mess!
THE CINEMA DIRECTOR (1916). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Lloyd without his famous glasses, but with a mustache and extremely tight clothing, plays a character clearly modeled after Chaplin- but possessing his own brand Of zany humor. A movie theater’s janitor, cashier, ticket-taker and usher rolled into one. Lloyd kicks customers into their seals, flirts with several women in the audience and battles the dim-witted projectionist, who gets tangled up in the film and falls asleep causing the movie to go haywire!
TWO GUN GUSSIE (1918). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Great fun, as Lloyd, a bespectacled, mild-mannered piano player in a Wild West saloon, gets mistaken for a desperado. The townspeople quake in fear as he approaches, and even he starts believing his new role-although he can’t get either Of his guns to fire! When he pushes his luck too far and threatens Daggertooth Dan, a rather huge villain, the sparks really fly, and the saloon erupts into a raucous shootout.
I’M ON MY WAY (1919). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. A non-stop series Of absolutely hilarious situations! On his wedding day, Lloyd, uncertain about the marriage, is invited by a neighbor to see what blissful family life is all about. Our poor hero spends a nightmarish day with the weirdest family imaginable: the kids are monsters; the grotesque wife puts some gooey substance into Lloyd’s hand, causing him to get stuck on everything; and he has to suffer through the group’s amateur musical performance. In desperation, he pours water into the tuba-and gets drenched. After seeing the happy couple nearly kill each other, he’s cured Of marriage forever. Four privileged views Of one Of silent comedy’s great masters. “Silent” films with music score, correct projection speed. 51 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies