Hawaii Calls

2142. HAWAII CALLS (1938-usa). WITH bobby breen, ned sparks, warren huu, Gloria HOLDEN, WARD BOND. This engaging musical drama serves as a showcase for Bobby Breen, popÂular pre-teen singing star who appeared on screen between 1936 and 1942. He stars as Billy Coulter, an orphan who has befriended a Hawaiian lad named Pua. The pair become stowaways aboard a ship headed from San Francisco to Hawaii, where Pua wishes to rejoin his family. Also on board is U.S. Navy Commander Milburn, who is carrying top-secret papers which “are important for the new defense ideas they contain and valuable for the safety Of the Hawaiian islands.” The scenario involves Billy’s efforts to elude the authorities and remain with Pua’s clan, as well as his involvement in thwartÂing a scheme in which foreign spies plot to pilfer the commander’s plans. Breen sings throughout, and his voice is lilting and refreshing, Ned Sparks adds to the fun as Strings, an eccentric songwriter whom befriends the boys aboard ship and becomes involved in their shenanigans on the islands. Plus there is the scenarios bitter irony, if you keep in mind the events which took place in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. 63 minutes. Musical