Heavy Metal: Studebaker, Nash, Hudson, And Kaiser

2993. HEAVY METAL: STUDEBAKER, NASH, HUDSON and KAISER (1952-1955-USA) PARTIAL COLOR. Films made about cars buift with tradition, quality, beauty and unfortunately: poor sales.
1. NASH FOR 1953. This slab-sided sedan was “designed by Farina,” so “you know its a Nash.” It is kind of nifty with its concealed gas tank filler cap (an idea stolen from the 1949 Cadillac), but no Caddy ever offered reclining seats that actually turned into twin beds (a delight at the drive-in)!
2. NASH FOR 1955 and THE HUDSON. Pour it on with “twin H power,” available only on your new Hudson. The four commercials show many of the elegant new features, including the voice of Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket)!
3. THE STUDEBAKER STORY (1953) COLOR. It was just one hundred years ago when two wagon makers in South Bend, Indiana (Henry and Clem Studebaker) adopted a new credo “Always Give More Than You Promise.” From those small beginnings, Studebaker automobiles have continued this tradition of value and craftsmanship. A well done dramatized history of a “modern” industrial company preparing for its second hundred years (it would be out of the car business about 10 years after this film was proudly presented).
4. WORD OF HONOR (1952). With DONALD WOODS. A public service film by the makers of Kaiser-Frazer addressing a serious problem on “today’s” highways…hot-rodding teenagers who play “tag,” “chicken” and “cut-off.” Told by a race-car driver who is menaced by “otherwise good kids,” and with the emotional music that would soon be appropriated by the producers of the “Lassie” TV show, this drama has a predictable and none-too-happy ending. Teens are urged to sign a “Dad-To-Son” pledge of responsibility (available at your Kaiser-Frazer dealer), straighten up and fly right. The safety features of the new Kaiser seem to be a good place to start!
65 minutes total. Commercials and Industrials