Her Bridal Night

2150. HER BRIDAL NIGHT (1956-France). With LOUIS JOURDAN, BRIGITTE BARDOT, MICHELINE PRESLE. A saucy sex romp in which the ever-fetching Brigitte Bardot stars as a sweetly innocent country lass who is destined to become a famous cover girl. Our story opens with her finishing up a walk on a lovely sunny day and ordering a drink in an outdoor cafe. “That’s when it all began,” she later recalls. The “it” in question is her overnight fame as a fashion model. First she is stared at by the handsome and elegant fashion magazine editor Michel (played by the handsome and elegant Louis Jourdan). Next she is approached by Michel’s associate Judith, who tells her that she is the “image Of Sleeping Beauty.” It seems that Michel and Judith are in the area for a fashion shoot. Their model has just fallen ill and they are in desperate need Of a replacement. Our heroine proves to be quite a replacement! She is renamed “Chou Chou” and quickly finds herself thrust into the topsy-turvy world Of Parisian high fashion. The crux Of the story centers around the unfolding events after the manipuÂlative Judith concocts a scheme in which “Chou Chou” and the cover boy Patrice will be united in an arranged marriage. This would result in oodles Of publicity and skyrocketing magazine sales. Instead, it leads to assorted romantic complications, jealousies, tangled emotions and some startling plot twists. As the story moves along, Bardot gets to display much Of her famous body as she sunÂbathes, models, washes, dresses and undresses. Dubbed in English. 85 minutes. Drama