Hercules In The Haunted World

2955. HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD (1961-Italy) COLOR. With REG PARK, CHRISTOPHER LEE. Directed by MARIO BAVA. This inspiring epic tells of the exploits of Hercules as he finds himself up against some especially vicious and all-powerful adversaries. The story opens with Hercules and his companion Theseus returning to their home kingdom of Ecalia after a lengthy absence. As they near their destination they are assaulted by a band of marauders, whom they quickly repel. Could these attackers be enemies of the beautiful Deianira, the woman to whom Hercules is set to marry? Furthermore, Deianira is supposed to have taken her place as queen of Ecalia, but Hercules learns that she instead has been cursed by the gods and locked up in a wing of her palace. Even her most loyal servants dare not visit her. Deranira has been imprisoned by the evil Lichas (masterfully played by Christopher Lee), the servant of Pluto. As a result of Lichas’ actions, all the people of Ecalia have been terrorized and frozen with horror. Hercules finds Deianira wallowing in a trance-like state. She is unable to recognize him and mumbles to Hercules that she is dying. How might he save both her and his homeland? The muscleman hero ventures forth to Hell itself, where he encounters many dangers and performs truly heroic feats. If you’ve never watched a “Sword and Sandal” film, this is just about as good as they get. Dubbed in English. 82 minutes. Sword and Sandal