2308. HERCULES (1959-ltaIy). COLOR. With STEVE REEVES, SYLVA KOSCINA. Hercules is one Of the most famed Of all mythological heroes. He is a stalwart character who uses his incredible strength for all good causes. This all-time-favorite chronicle Of Hercules and his bravery was a great international success upon its release. It proved to the archetype Of a wave Of similar sword-and- sandal costume epics that were to be produced over the next decade. The film opens with our hero saving a beautiful (and rather scantily clad) princess from a runaway chariot by lifting a tree and its roots right out Of the earth and tossing it in the path Of the galloping horses. The princess relates to Hercules a disturbing and tragic tale Of her youth. It is one Of “foreboding and terror” and it involves her father, brother and cousin Jason, and his search for the Golden Fleece. The latter is a gift from the gods, and is rightfully Jason’s; without it no man can truly be king. As the scenario develops Hercules assists Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece while going up against the evil and all-powerful King Pelias. Dubbed into English. 104 minutes. Sword and Sandal