His Girl Friday

618. THE INSPECTOR GENERAL (1949-USA) color. WITH danny kaye, Walter slezak, GENE LOCKHART, ALAN HALE, ELSA LANCHESTER. Based on a comedy by NIKOLAI GOGOL. A simple peasant finds himself mistaken for the great Inspector General and discovers that perhaps it’s not such a bad idea. That’s the sum and substance Of this delightful farce, in which Danny Kaye gets to clown and sing and do the things that make him an all-time audience favorite. Kaye expertly enacts the peasant’ initial terror and then the manner in which his personality blossoms as he’s given the first attention he’ ever received. However, this comes from the Officials Of a town he’s traveling through, who attempt to bribe him. Among the many highlights: Kaye’s description Of the extraordinary features Of “Yakov” Golden Elixir”; his satire Of gypsy drinking music; and, in particular, his hilarious, indescribable “Soliloquy for Three Heads.” Danny is surrounded by a hand-picked supporting cast: fitting their role perfectly are Gene Lockhart, as the town’s hypocritical mayor; Elsa Lanchester, as his amorous wife Walter Slezak, as the dastardly medicine show man who causes Danny’s predicament; and Alan Hale Sr., in one Of his last screen appearances, as a cowardly city councilman. 102 minutes. Comedy-Satire