His Picture In The Papers

1126. HIS PICTURE IN THE PAPERS (1916-USA). With DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, written by ANITA LOOS and JOHN EMERSON. A breezy urban e comedy starring one Of the most charming leading men ever to grace the silent screen. Handsome Doug Fairbanks plays Pete Prindle, the nonconformist son Of a health food tycoon. Regrettably, “Prindle’s 27 Vegetarian Varieties,” including ÒPrindle’s Life Lentils” and “Prindle’s Toasted Tootsies,” don’t hasten the heartbeat Of this steak-and-eggs lad, Pete is fortunate to find a soulmate in Christine Cadwalader, the beef-eating daughter Of a railroad magnate who keeps to a strict diet Of Prindle’s products. Before agreeing to a marriage, Cadwalader insists Pete be made half owner Of the health food empire. Pop Prindle says sure . . . If Pete gets his picture in the papers as good advertising for the business. Oh, how he tries! He runs a car Off a steep cliff, he wins a boxing match, he gets his picture in the papers posing as an invalid miraculously cured Of a long term illness, but Pop is infuriated by the thought Of a diseased Prindle! Out on a tool, Pete’s pals mistakenly put him on a steamer to Vera Cruz after he asks his friends to take him to a palm reader named Vera Cruz. He jumps ship at Atlantic City, scrambles with two feisty cops and spends the night in jail. The following day, the story makes the headlines-but his identity is withheld for the sake Of his family’s reputation. The legendary film star/athlete is quite a sight juggling Indian clubs, leaping about his bedroom, and scaling the walls Of a brownstone to reach his girlfriend’s windowsill. He’s as energetic as “Prindle’s Pep” tonic. This was one Of the earliest Fairbanks movies lo be filmed in New York City. What a treat to see Central Park, Harlem and Grand Central Station in the good old days. His Picture in the Papers is frothy, ail- American comedy at its finest, a delight for the entire family! Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 68 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy