Hollywood Revels

61. HOLLYWOOD REVELS (1947-USA). With stripteases Aleene Dupree, Mickey Lotu5 Wing, Hillary Dawn, Peggy Bond, Pat Dorsey, and an ensemble of dancers, vocalists and comedians. Music written and conducted by Billy Rose. Return to the pleasures of a good old-fashioned burlesque show, performed at the famous Follies Theatre in Los Angeles, with you in the choicest seal. The production numbers, including a can-can, aren’t bad. The singers are pleasantly mediocre, and the comedians-with their double entendres and corny skitsÑare pretty awful (but anyone who says he went to burlesque shows to see the comedians will also tell you he buys “Penthouse” for the political articles). The main attractions are of course, the strippers, who are surprisingly beautiful and erotic. They bump, they grind, they tease, then they take it all off (well, except maybe for pasties and G-strings). Exotic Lotus Wing, “Sweetheart of the Orient,” does something resembling a hula. but you’ve never seen one like this before; Hillary Bond, “That Statuesque Beauty,” may hypnotize you with the spiral patterns on her skimpy costume top; Peggy Bond, “That Peg Ct My Heart Girl,” performs a fan dance that will hardly cool anyone oH; and the show’s star, “Adorable” Aleene Dupree, “Sweetheart of the Follies Bergere,” is a gorgeous charmer who demonstrates what makes FrenchÂwomen so magnifiquŽ. Oo la la! Genuine Americana. This is a rare opportunity to see a truly native, albeit extinct, art form! Although mild by today’s X-rated standards, this film is still recommended for adults only. Watch your blood presÂsure, and hold onto your hats (and raincoats): the show is about to begin! 58 minutes. Burlesque