Hollywood Strangler Meets The Skidrow Slasher; Model Killer, The

2925. THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLED MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER (The Model Killer) (1973-USA) COLOR. Directed by RAY DENNIS STECKLER (as Wolfgang Schmidt). A man photographs a sexy young thing as she dances seductively for him and removes what little clothes she has on. As he clicks away, one thought goes through his mind: “Soon she’ll be out of her misery…soon she’ll be out of her misery,” Before you can say Jack the Ripper, his hands are on her throat and he is slowly squeezing the life out of her. He is “The Hollywood Slrangler,” and he goes on to amble along the avenues and byways of Tinseltown staring at pretty passersby and seeking additional victims for his murderous rampage. It soon becomes clear that he is meant to be contrasted to the “Skid Row Slasher.” Entering a used bookstore is a scuzzy alcoholic who reeks of the liquor that is never too far from his lips. This weirdo even searches through a dumpster for a near-empty booze botlle to suck dry. Could this be the Slasher? The answer is resounding “no” as his throat soon is slit from ear to ear. He is one of several victims of the mysterious “Skid Row Slasher.” What will happen when the Slasher comes face-to- face with the Hollywood Strangler? You’ll find out as this gloriously gory splatter film reaches its murderous finale. It also features plenty of nudity, as well as a wild party sequence filmed on location at Plato’s Retreat West. 81 minutes. Splatter