Hong Kong Nights

2340. HONG KONG NIGHTS (1935-USA). WITH tom keene, warren hymer, wera ENGELS. Mysterious characters lurk behind every door in this intriguing and entertaining crime drama set in exotic Southeastern China. A dastardly American ex-convict and gunrunner named Gil Burris is conspiring to secure arms and ammunition for a Chinese village. In return he will be paid a king’s ransom in silver. Burris and a dangerous and desperate villager named Woo head for Hong Kong. Onto the scene comes American secret service agent Tom Keene (played by the actor of the same name), who is in Hong Kong with his goofy sidekick Wally. Keene is given his next assignĂ‚ment by his boss at the American Embassy. It is an especially perilous one: thwart Burris by putting an end to the gunrunner’s activities. Keene and Wally promptly catch a boat to Macao, and what follows is an exciting and complex scenario loaded with plot twists and surprises. Also coming into play are a special bracelet which will protect its wearer from death, and a stunningly beautiful woman named Trina who first attracts Willy’s eye and quickly reappears in the company of Burris. 58 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense