Horror Of Spider Island, The

2251. THE HORROR OF SPIDER ISLAND (1960-Cermany). With ALEX D’ARCY. This most unusual melodrama offers a heady mixture of sex and scares. It’s the saga of theatrical managÂer Gary Webster, who with his assistant and a bevy of hot-looking showgirls head off to Singapore to fulfill a nightclub engagement. Their plane promptly crashes. After several days adrift at sea in a lifeboat, they come upon a seemingly uninhabited island. As they explore the isle they first find a hammer, which indicates they are not the only humans present. Then they find a cabin. However, inside is a horrifying sight: a dead professor whose corpse is entangled in a large and ominous spiÂder’s web. Gary and the girls are unaware that a menacing, overgrown spider is hovering nearby. The fun really begins when it attacks and bites Gary, turning him into a bloodthirsty monster. The film is at once deliciously hokey, as the showgirls (who are self-described “broads”) keep shedding their clothes to the sounds of cheap striptease-style music on the soundtrack. When the professor’s two hunky assistants are dropped off on the island to bring their boss supplies, things become posiÂtively torrid. Yet at the same time, there are plenty of genuine shivers as Gary-the-monster terrorizes one and all. Dubbed into English. 76 minutes. Horror