House Of Mystery

2070.HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1934-USA). WITH Ed Lowry, George “Gabby” Hayes. THE scenario of this robust mystery chiller opens in India where Prendergast, an archaeologist with a rude demeanor and penchant for alcohol abuse, purloins a treasure from an ancient temple. He also kills a sacred monkey which results in a Hindu priest deeming that he and anyone associated with his underÂtaking will be subjected to a curse guaranteed to haunt them “sometime, somehow, somewhere.” That “sometime” is twenty years later. That “somewhere” is back in the United States where the shareholdÂers who had financed Prendergast’s expedition and their heirs are called together to claim the fruits their investment they are a diverse lot. Among them are a hypochondriac; an aging battle-ax and wimpy mate; a brash young insurance salesman named Jack Armstrong (played by stage and radio actor Ed Lowry in his only screen role); and a sober criminal type (played in uncharacteristic fashion by George “Gabby” Hayes). They all are due to split a $2-million fortune in gold and jewels but first must live under Prendergast’s roof for a week. The chills begin to mount as, one by one, the investors become corpses and the survivors and police attempt to figure out who is responsible. 59 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense