House Of Secrets, The

2510. THE HOUSE OF SECRETS (1936-USA). With LESLIE FENTON, MURIEL EVANS, NOEL MADISON, SIDNEY BLACKMER. Watching this entertaining mystery is like playing a challenging guessing game. The caper begins when American Barry Wilding inherits a country estate called “The Hawk’s Nest,” which is located just fifteen miles outside London. When he arrives at his new home, a respectable-looking middle-aged man with a gun attempts to throw him off the property. With the trespasser is the young woman of Barry’s dreams: “Miss Mystery,” a lovely blonde he rescued while on the boat to London after a rude stranger accused her of buying illegal drugs in Paris. What are these two people doing on Barry’s property? As the scenario unfolds, “The Hawk’s Nest” becomes a haven for some unlikely folks, including a high-placed government official and a suspicious butler, a resident lunatic and even a comical trio of crooks transplanted from Brooklyn! Barry tries to evict the band of squatters so that he can be king of his newly acquired roost. For his efforts he gets “crowned”Ñon the head that is, with a blunt instrument. The result of all this is one lively suspense tale in which we dare you to guess the title “secret.” 69 minutes Crime Mystery Suspense