I Killed That Man

2649. I KILLED THAT MAN (1942-USA). With RICARDO CORTEZ, JOAN WOODBURY, IRIS ADRIAN. A diverse group of people has come to the state prison to witness the execution of convicted murderer Nicholas Ross. It is a somber moment as Ross is led to the death chamber. The warden allows him one last opportunity to speak before paying the penalty for his crime. Ross admits his guilt, and is about to blurt out the name of the “rat who gave me the nod to kill Benton” when he keels over dead. It is immediately determined that he was killed by a poison dart. So, who murdered Nicholas Ross? It had to have been someone in the execution chamber. Those on hand include reporters and dignitaries and individuals out of Ross’ past whom the condemned man had invited to the execution. District Attorney Phillips orders all the doors sealed. He is determined to ferret out the culprit. The person he fingers just so happens to be the wrong man, and so Phillips finds himself in a real spot. With the assistance of a feisty female reporter, he sets out to undo the damage and find the real killer. The result is a lightning-paced mystery thriller crammed with crackling dialogue and some colorful and classically aggressive celluloid newshounds. In this one, you’ll really relish seeing if you can guess the idenlity and motive of the villain. 70 minutes Crime Mystery Suspense