I Surrender Dear: Bing Crosby And Ruth Etting

1025. I SURRENDER DEAR; BING CROSBY AND RUTH ETTING (1931,1932-USA) With BING CROSBY, BABE KANE, RUTH ETTING Exciting showcase for Ruth Etting, one Of the most Al Jolson popular singers Of her era, and Bing Crosby, one Of the greatest Of any era. These two-reel story films deliver a lot more than magnificent music!
1. I SURRENDER DEAR (1931-USA). With BING CROSBY. Directed by MACK SENNETT. Crosby’s smooth crooning and engaging manner combine with frenetic Sennett comedy! A woman falls for a popular radio singer (Crosby playing himself), much to the dismay Of her mother and her fiery fiancŽe, “the marquis.” The Latin Lover keeps trying to duel with Crosby, but ends up stuck in hot tar or drenched in a pool. Bing’s amorous adventures lead to mistaken identities, outraged spouses and comic chases that recall Sennett’s Golden Age. Bing performs two songs, including the memorable title number. You’ll surrender too-to the charms Of this entertaining film.
BingÕs infatuation with the gal on the Sweetheart Chocolate billboards leads him to her college campus. Unbeknownst to poor Bing, her ardent replies to his love letters were actually written by her prankster brother, who now dons a dress, impersonates the girl, and meets with Bing. In the darkness, things almost go too far, but after some typically wild Sennett slapstick and car chases, everything is cleared up. Bing finds some time to sing two lilting romantic ballads.
3. ARTISTIC TEMPER (1932-USA). With RUTH ETTING. For a change Of pace, enjoy the incomparably Ruth Etting in a soap-opera melodrama. Etting plays a would-be prOfessional singer whose up-tight husband, a respectable physician, detests show business. When he rudely breaks up a party she’s thrown for some madcap but harmless performers, she exits with them. Years later, she’s become a major star, and her husband sees the light when the efforts Of her supposedly worthless friends raise money for his hospital. Ruth sings three superb songs about the joys and pains Of love. 60 minutes total. Music