I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke: It’s The Real Thing

2333. I’D LIKE TO BUY THE WORLD A COKE: IT’S THE REAL THING! (1941-1974-USA) PARTIAL COLOR. With EDDIE FISHER, EDGAR BERGEN, MEL ALLEN, OZZIE, HARRIET, DAVID and RICKY NELSON, RED NORVO and HIS ORCHESTRA and ANN CORIO. A unique collection of television commercials, theatrical films and much more, all of which are sales messages (directly or indirectly) for Coca-Cola. Included are many of Coke’s famous TV commercials, a pre-war theatrical commercial, a 1953 Walter Lantz cartoon (The Lion and The Mouse”), the first appearance on television of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, “The Adventures of Kit Carson” (1951 TV series), a complete 1954 “Coke Time” program with Eddie Fisher, A tour of Yankee Stadium, a 1941 tour of a Coca-Cola bottling plant (“Always Tomorrow”), a 1971 travelogue to Germany and Italy, a 1958 Safety film (“Lucky You”) and (you’re not going to believe this) a wartime film with famous “Strip-teaser” Ann Corio singing “Pistol Packin’ Mama.” Can you imagine Coke sponsoring a film featuring a “stripper” today? A visual portrait of a tasty treat. See cat. #2001 for equal time for Pepsi. 53 minutes total. Commercials/Industrials