3011. IDAHO (1943-USA). With ROY ROGERS, SMILEY BURNETTE, BOB NOLAN and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS, VIRGINA GREY. This explosive western drama stars Roy Rogers as a brave lawman who steps into a perilous situation in order to save the reputation of a man he admires. That man is judge John Grey, a stellar citizen of Canyon City who fights gambling and corruption and, despite his own precarious financial state, sponsors a camp for underprivileged boys. The story is set into motion when Judge Grey calls a meeting of the Canyon City Board of Supervisors to request the closing of a crooked casino run by Belle Bonner and her band of thugs. To protect her business, Belle threatens to blackmail the judge with a secret out of his past. Along with two bank robbers who are on the lam from the law, Belle tries to frame Judge Grey so that he will forfeit his ranch and lose the respect of the good people of Canyon City. The judge soon finds himself accused of robbery and murder. As he is taken off to prison, Roy steps in to change the course of events. With the help of the judge’s beautiful daughter and the boys from the camp, Roy sets out to accomplish the formidable task of saving his friend and exposing the real villains. 53 minutes. Western