Identity Unknown

1515. IDENTITY UNKNOWN (1945-usa). WITH richard arlen, cheryl walker, roger pryor, BOBBY DRISCOLL This is the kind Of film that appealed directly to freshly minted World War II veterans and their families. It deals with a situation that, while is in itself unique, played on their expectations, feelings and fears. Richard Aden, whose career as screen star and supporting player spanned over 50 years, is cast as a shell shocked G.I., returning from the war on a hospital ship. His dog tag was blown Off while in combat in France, so no one has any idea Of his true identityÑleast Of all Arlen. None Of the names Of the four men in his company, all Of whom were supposedly killed, mean a thing to him. According to records, the physical traits Of all were similar, so that Aden’s true identity cannot be automatically identified. Arlen arrives back in the USA a Johnny who’s come marching home-yet he doesn’t know exactly where to find that home. Could it be in Illinois, Iowa, Connecticut or West Virginia-the home states Of the quartet? Arlen, with addresses in hand, goes AWOL and visits each. Along the way, he makes touching contact with, among others, a pretty; lonely war widow; a cute little boy who thinks he’s found his lost father; and a grieving farm family. While the specifics Of the subject matter are Of another era, the emotional content Of Identity Unknown remains fresh and moving. The film remains a provocative, engrossing, starkly ironic and occasionally heartbreaking psychological drama. 70 minutes. Drama