I’m A Civilian Here Myself

1208. I’M A CIVILIAN HERE MYSELF! (1945-usa). With Robert Benchley. Don Wilson narÂrating. A United States Navy Presentation. Civilians-unlike soldiers-are average, happy, carefree Americans. UnÂfortunately, for those who had just spent three or four years away from their homes and families, doing battle against the Germans and the Japanese, the civilian lifestyle may have seemed just a wee bit remote. For this short, sweet featurette, the United States Navy hired Robert Benchley to explain how it was making civilians out Of sailors. Benchley was one Of the most popular journalist/critics Of his day, and he appeared to a series Of clever short films in which he lectured on a wide range Of subjects. I’m a Civilian Here Myself! includes practical information on insurance, pensions, loans for farms or businesses, civil service jobs, education at government expense, legal problems and fob analysis, along with BenchleyÕs witty observations on the advantages Of civilian life (starling, Of course, with the right to choose the company Of any pretty girl). An extra treat; look fast for a very young, ravishingly beautiful ava gardner! 25 minutes. Comedy Training Film