Inside The Law

2739. INSIDE THE LAW (1942-USA). With WALLACE FORD, FRANK SULLY. This zany comedy opens wilh a free-for-all in an auction house and ends with…well, you’ll just have to watch it and chuckle along with its characters to see where their shenanigans take them. The story is about a most unlikely band of con artists. This gang is not the standard celluloid gaggle of lawbreakers. Rather, it is made up of females as well as males, senior citizens along with young Turks. These criminal masterminds decide to drive cross-country to California in order to find fertile territory for their operation. Just as they arrive on the outskirts of Los Angeles, they pilfer the papers of a fellow traveler they meet on the road. It so happens that he has a teller of introduclion to a local bank, in which he is described as “a brilliant manager and cashier.” He has just been hired to work at the bank. “This is a ticket of admission to a bank,” observes Billy, the gang’s unofficial leader. Dollar signs register on his brain as he sees himself impersonating the new employee and gaining instant access to untold riches. His scheme is a new and unique way for robbers to fool a bank-from the inside rather than the outside! He promptly brings in his own staff-consisting of all of his cronies. Then, he is literally handed the combination to the safe. Only problem is, Billy and his pals will quickly learn that pilfering this particular bank will not be as simple as it seems. You’ll find out why as you laugh your way through this amusing comic romp, 56 minutes. Comedy