International Spy; Federal Fugitives

2050. INTERNATIONAL SPY {Federal Fugitives) (1941-USA). With Neil Hamilton, VICTOR VARCONI, DORIS DAY, FRANK SHANNON, BETTY BLYTHE. Dapper Neil Hamilton stars in this smart melodrama as “Captain James Madison Of the intelligent department.” Madison is called to Washington to take charge Of a top-secret mission. While in a restaurant, he notices a man sitting at a table who resembles an arch villain who had been “an international headache for years” and who a while back had supposedly been killed. Pretty soon, Madison finds himself lurking in the shadows as he attempts to get at the truth regarding the suspect. He goes incognito as the partner Of an industrialist who has developed a high-tech airplane which is made Of plastic and can be cheapĂ‚ly and efficiently produced. Before you can say James Bond, he becomes deeply immersed in a scheme involving an outwardly respectable but nonetheless dangerous band Of saboteurs, Madison also must contend with a crafty femme fatale. The actress who plays her is second-billed in the film. Her name is DORIS DAY. She is not the popular singer-comedy actress Of the 1950s and 60s but a FORGOTTEN PERFORMER who STARRED in a number Of films before her namesake even made her screen debut. 62 minutes. Adventure