Interrupted Journey, The

1951. THE INTERRUPTED JOURNEY (1949-England). WITH richard todd, Valerie hobson. An atmospheric, superbly acted melodrama/thriller, with a shocker finale certain to have you shaking your head in amazement. The story opens with Johnny North, a struggling, married writer, running off with Susan Wilding, pretty, silky-blonde wife of an editor who has published a number of his stories. From the outset, Johnny seems preoccupied, guilt-ridden, even cowardly as he admits that he sneaked off without telling his mate, or even leaving her a note. Susan jokingly reasÂsures him, offering him a chance to return home, but he vows lo continue. The pair board a train, but Johnny remains nervous and uncertain. He thinks of his wife, Carol, who loves him deeply, and wonÂders how he could do such a thing to her, hurt her so. In a panic, and after noticing a strange man whom he seems to recognize, Johnny yanks an emergency cord on the train, leaping off as it pulls to a halt. His goal: to get home to Carol as fast as he can, and tell her how much he loves her. “I don’t know what got into me,” he says, “I must have been crazy.” Only trouble is, this is not the end of his nightmare, but only the beginning. The train crashes soon after Johnny disembarks, and Susan is among the many casualties. At first, the accident is linked to the “mysterious man” seen pulling the cord. A crafty railroad investigator commences asking questions and uncovering evidence, which leads him directly to Johnny. To add to his troubles, it soon is discovered that Susan’s death was not caused by the crash. She was shot in the back, through the heart, prior to the mishap… 82 minutes. Drama