464. INTOLERANCE (I916-usa). WITH mae marsh, robert harron, lillian gish, constance TALMADGE. Directed by D.W. Griffith. An enormous undertaking. The story Of man’s inhumanity to man unfolds in four separate stories told at the same time. Using the unifying image Of a mother rocking a cradle, Griffith interacts among the four stories showing “intolerance” throughout the ages. Far ahead Of its time, the film was a financial flop as the audiences Of 1916 just didn’t understand what Griffith was trying to do. With an enormous influence on later films, these techniques and the mammoth spare-no-expense sets that were constructed had a lasting influence on all films. Parts Of the sets Griffith constructed are still used occasionally today. The method Of parallel sequencing Of separate plot lines was invented here. Griffith’s first film after “Birth Of a Nation” continued to write the grammar Of the cinema. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 208 minutes. D.W. Griffith