Invincible Gladiator, The

2775. THE INVINCIBLE GLADIATOR (1963-Italy-Spain) COLOR. With RICHARD HARRISON. As this rousing sword-and-sandal saga begins, handsome strongman Rezius and other gladiator-slaves fight bravely in the arena of the ruthless and tyrannical Rabirius. He is the Regent of Acastus, who sits in judgment of the lives of Rezius and his comrades. This scene of heartless violence is our introduction to the poverty and strife- ridden country of Acastus of the third century Roman Empire. Acastus’ beloved King had recently died and surviving him are his beautiful daughter, Sira and his twelve year-old son. King Darius, who is too young to rule. On the momentous afternoon in which the gladiators raise their swords and shields and their nets and tridents, Rezius foils an assassination plot against Rabirius. For saving his life, the Regent rewards the gladiator by freeing him and giving him command of an army slated to attack a band of brigands. When Rezius meets Sira in the palace he tries to befriend the princess, but she rebuffs him for mysterious reasons. Meanwhile, Rezius and his men train for mortal combat and then make their way to the mountains where the brigands have taken shelter. There, Rezius unearths a grave secret about his enemy’s leader and must decide between duty to a bloodthirsty ruler and allegiance to a greater cause. The grandeur and intrigue of ancient Rome combine with the fever pitch excitement of the battlefield to make this thrilling epic spring to life. Dubbed in English. 91 minutes. Sword and Sandal