Invisible Terror, The

2362.THE INVISIBLE TERROR (1963-Germany). Dr. Max Vogel is a research scientist who lately has been working on some mysterious experiments. He prefers to conduct them in private late at night, away from the prying eyes of his colleagues. Dr. Vogel injects a guinea pig with the serum he has developed. Before his eyes, the pig seemingly evaporates into thin air! This is what the good doctor calls “the minus effect.” Next he re-injects the pig, and it becomes visible just as quickly as if disappeared. One should not be shocked when Dr. Vogel carries out the same experiment on himÂself, only this time using a much stronger dose of the serum. Of course the doctor immediately becomes transparent. What follows is a series of eerie goings-on, beginning with a daring robbery of the lab resulting in the death of a night watchman, and the involvement in the story of the doctor’s brother Walter and his fiancŽe. Through it all the question remains: Now that Dr. Vogel is invisible, what will he do? Who will be his victims? How soon will he be scaring them completely out of their wits? Dubbed in English. 94 minutes. Horror