Isle Of Forgotten Sins; Monsoon

1566. MONSOON (Isle of Forgotten Sins) (1943-usa). With john CARRADine, gale Sondergaard, sidneytoler. Directed by edgar g. ulmer. Andrew Sarris calls Edgar g. Ulmer “one of the minor glories of the cinema, “and for good reason. While he never became an A-picture director, Ulmer infused his work with a disÂtinctive visual flair, and a personal style that transcended his budgetary limitations. Ulmer’s films a re especially noted for their stark atmosphere and exceptional set design, ail of which is most evident in Monsoon, a taut action-adventure. John Carradine stars as a two-fisted deep-sea diver who sets out with his partner to retrieve a $3-milfion gold treasÂure that was supposedly lost in a South Seas shipwreck. Our hero is harassed by the ship’s sly, greedy captain, and lusted after by a woman of die world (Academy-Award-winner Gale Sondergaard). She’s den mother to some pretty young things employed as “hostesses” which anyone over the age of consent will recognize as a gambling den- whorehouse. There are plenty of plot twists, and no shortage of fights, shootings, midnight swims, and a furious monsoon that keeps the characters neck-deep in hot water. 77 minutes. Adventure Drama