Italian, The

2228. THE ITALIAN (1915-USA). With GEORGE BEBAN. Produced and co-authored by THOMAS H. INCE. A gut-wrenching social drama which tells of the plight and fate of Beppo Donnetti, a poor but happy Venetian gondolier. Beppo covets the lovely Annette Ancello. However, her father Trudo prefers that Annette marry the wealthy merchant Gallia. It is not that Trudo dislikes Beppo. What he despises is the gondolier’s poverty. Like any loving parent, he only desires that his daughter settle into a comfortable life. Trudo is a reasonable man. He tells Beppo “One year do I give thee, Beppo Donnetti, to win a home for my daughter. Should thou fail, she weds the merchant Gallia.” Beppo sets sail for America to find that home. He ends up in New York where he sets up a bootblack stand on the Lower East Side. Ever so quickly and harshly our hero is destined to learn that in America the streets are decidedly not paved with gold. The film is fascinating as a mirror of the experience of the outsider in America, from the immigrants’ sighting of the Statue of Liberty is New York Harbor to the bitter struggle for survival in an urban slum. It also is quite moving as a story of true love and longing, and of bitterness and exploitation, political influence and vengeance. Stocky character actor George Beban is outstanding as Beppo. “Silent” film with music score. 70 minutes. “Silent” Drama