Jack Benny Program, The

1. THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (November 30, 1952-USA). CBS-TV net. Sponsored by Lucky Strike. With JACK BENNY, BOB CROSBY, ROCHESTER, MEL BLANC, DON WILSON. Jack gets a visit from “little” Margaret Truman (not the president’s daughter), later, he tries to sleep but a dripping faucet and two burglars breaking in (a skit with very clever sight gags, and all Jack does is lie in bed!) keep him wide awake.
2. THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (January 1, 195G-USA). CBS-TV net. Sponsored by Lucky Strike, with JACK BENNY, THE SPORTSMEN QUARTET, DON WILSON, LOIS CORBETT, MEL BLANC. After a visit by the coaches of UCLA and Michigan state, the cast does “The New tenant” for the first time on television (the script had been done on radio many times before). An actual Jack Benny radio show is seen, done on television! Fascinating viewing! 59 minutes total. Television Comedy