Jeep Goes To War, The

2524. THE JEEP GOES TO WAR! (1942-1944-USA). A series of short U.S. Government films showing the new “General Purpose” Vehicle (or “G.P.”Ñpronounced “Jeep.”) in action.
1. WAR ON WHEELS (c.x1944). “This film is presented to the men and women of ihe American automotive industry to demonstrate the performance of the combat vehicles they build.” A simulated convoy battles its way to duke it out with the Nazis in Tunisia. A chance to see jeeps, half-tracks and tanks under battle conditions with much better views than have ever been seen in combat footage. 2. 4.2″ CHEMICAL MORTAR OF 1942 (1942). The army tests a new mobile small artillery weapon that can go just about anywhere, but seems happiest in a trailer being lowed by a nearly indestructible Jeep!
3. THOSE CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONG. A short film that finally answers the one military question everyone has asked at one time or another; “What is a caisson?” You’ll not only see them, you can sing along with an army chorus!
4. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A JEEP (c. 1944). The one film that every red-blooded American male who’s ever owned a |eep (or wanted to) must see. A Jeep itself tells the story of how it was invented, tested and put into service. You’ve never seen a Jeep take this kind of punishment! “The Jeep is here to stay!”
5. TROOP TRAIN (1942). OK, so you’ve been drafted, trained and given orders to ship out. Chances are, you made at least part of the journey on a troop train pulled by a steam locomotive. Do you remember what it was like? Too young for that war? Here’s your chance to relive the experience with a film that shows everything but the backed up toilets, cooties in the upper berth and the crap game in the aisle.
Caution: the last two films have an echo on the sound track. 54 minutes total. Propaganda