Jew Suss; Power

2454. JEW SUSS (Power) (1934-England). With CONRAD VEIDT, BENITA HUME, GERALD DU MAURIER, CEDRIC HARDWICKE. Amid the intolerance and anti-semitism of 18th century Wurtemberg there lives a Jew named Josef Suss-Oppenheimer (Conrad Veidt, in a tour de force performance). As a lad he was told that whether he lives in the ghetto or the palace he will pay the price of his heritage. These words are prophetic as Oppenheimer climbs to an office of high political influence. Sly and ruthless, he begins his quest for authority by offering an expensive coat to impecunious Field Marshall Karl Alexander who is third in line to the Dukedom. As Oppenheimer rises to power, his sacrifices turn out to be more than most men can imagine. All the while the visionary Rabbi Gabriel keeps a dark secret about Oppenheimer. This opulent and controversial film presents an historic drama of epic nature. As it depicts the plight of one Jew who fights to bring down the ghetto walls, it is an allegory of man’s ambition to conquer evil forces in an intolerant world. Yet at the same time it also is a highly incendiary and less-than-flattering portrait of a greedy, stereotyped Jew. This film is certain to spark much lively debate. 109 minutes. Drama