Joe E. Brown Show, The

1139. THE JOE E. BROWN SHOW (c. 1955-usA). V piolet with Joe E. Brown. A TV sitcom that shows off the wide mouthed comedian’s abilities to excellent advantage. Joe plays the part of the owner of “Joe’s General Store” in the small town of Greendale, U.S.A. Joe’s a widower with two kids who likes nothing better than to sit on the front porch of his store and tell stories to Wilbur, an unseen, unheard, traveling salesman who visits each week. Joe goes to bat for a newcomer to Greendale, an obvious foreigner who meets up with some good old-fashioned American prejudice. Gentle comedy, well scripted to the Joe E. Brown personality, and very entertaining. A shame the series never caught on! 29 minutes TV Comedy