Johnny Jupiter

1775. JOHNNY JUPITER (1953-1954-USA). ABC-TV net. Two episodes, one of which is sponsored by M & M candy. With WRIGHT KING as Ernest P. Duckweather, a mild-mannered clerk in a hardware store who invented a television set that enables him to communicate with his friends on the planet Jupiter! An amusing kid show that began on the Dumont net and ran for two years. The program was shot on film, but produced as a live TV show. Johnny Jupiter and his robo tpals “Maj’or Domo” and “Reject” are puppets (with voices all supplied by radio veteran GILBERT MACK). The humans include PATRICIA PEAR DON as Duckweather’s girlfriend and vaudeville old-timer CLIFF HALL as his boss. Ernest goes into the TV repair business in the first episode and gets an oddball “professor” to deliver a lecture on “Money Isn’t Everything” in the second episode. A pleasant diversion for today’s kids…and adults too! 56 minutes total. Live Television