Journey Beneath The Desert

2373. JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT (Antinea) (1961-Italy-France). Color. With HAYA HARAREET, JEAN LOUIS TRINTIGNANT. Directed by EDGAR G. ULMER. Ulmer cultists (as well as anyone who savors a slam-bang adventure story) will not want to miss this rousÂing science fiction melodrama. It opens with a trio of mining engineers flying across the Sahara Desert in a helicopter. Just as they are hovering over a nuclear testing zone, a violent rainstorm forces them to crash land in what appears to be a gigantic ravine. They soon save the life of sheik Tamal, who thanks them by leading them into a cavern where they are promptly captured and imprisoned. It seems that our hearty heroes have stumbled into the legendary lost city of Atlantis! “Atlantis did not disappear without leaving a trace,” the sheik informs them. It did not sink into the sea but rather settled into the sand. Atlantis is ruled by Antinea, a beautiful but formidable villainess who is endowed with the powers of a superwoman. As the excitement builds, keep in mind that Atlantis lies smack dab in the middle of the nuclear testing zone! Dubbed in English. 93 minutes. Science-Fiction