Journey Together

2696. JOURNEY TOGETHER (1946-England). With RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH, JACK WATLING, DAVID TOMLINSON, EDWARD G. ROBINSON, BESSIE LOVE. Directed by JOHN BOULTING. Based on a story by TERENCE RATTIGAN. This spirited drama serves as a stirring tribute to the members of the Royal Air Force, who served so gallantly and selflessly when England went to war against Nazi Germany. Even more importantly, it is proudly dedicated to “the few who trained the many” who became pilots and helped win the war of the skies. Also, of note is the fact that the film is “written, produced, directed, photographed and acted by members of the Royal Air Force.” The story focuses on two young men from different backgrounds who are united by their single-minded desire to train as RAF pilots. The first is David Wilion (played by a then baby-faced RAF sergeant named Richard Attenborough), who is of the lower classes and only has a commoner’s education. The second is an upper-class college graduate, John Aynesworth (played by then RAF aircraftsman Jack Watling). They become roommates and friendly competitors during the early stages of their training in England. Will both of them have the right stuff to make it as pilots? Or will one or both have to settle for a less prestigious spot as a “secondary” member of a bomber crew? The extended sequence that closes out the film consists of a bombing run over Berlin, and is incredibly tense and exciting. Plus, it is a treat to see Edward G. Robinson on hand in a secondary role as an Arizona rancher/flight instructor who becomes a beloved father figure to his trainees. 95 minutes. War Drama