Juke Joint

2508. JUKE JOINT (1947-USA). With SPENCER WILLIAMS, MAC and ACE, KIT and KAT, THE JITTERBUG JOHNNIES. Directed by SPENCER WILLIAMS. One of the undisputed fathers of the black independent film movement is Spencer Williams. Here is another of his pleasing entertainments: a fun-filled all-black-cast comedy about the travails of an assortment of characters in a mid-western hick town. The plot centers around two no-accounts who take the false names of Vanderbilt Whitney and Cornbread Green. With just two bits to their assumed names, they manage to finagle some fine food and a nice room at the Holiday family homestead. To pay back the kindness, Whitney and Green settle in and agree to help out lazy Sam Holiday and his bossy wife Mama Lou in the rearing of their two teenaged daughters. Both girls are determined types: one is attempting to win a beauty contest, while the other is yearning to run off with the owner of the local nightclub. The result is an often riotous farce that offers a zany take on black family life. And yes, Mr. Williams indeed portrayed Andrew H. Brown of “Amos ‘n’ Andy” fame. 59 minutes. “All B;ack” Musical Comedy