Junior G-Men

109. JUN10R G-MEN (1940-USA). 12 Episode Universal Serial. With THE DEAD END KIDS (BILLY HALOP, HUNTZ HALL, GABRIEL DELL, BERNARD PUNSLY) and THE LITTLE TOUGH GUYS. The Order of the Flaming Torch, a fiendish fifth column group, will stop at nothing in its attempt to overthrow our society and make us helpless in World War II! The Flaming Torch captures a prominent American colonel, who posÂsesses a formula for the most powerful explosive ever invented. To get him to talk, the villains try to kidnap his son, Billy. But that’s their fatal mistake; Billy is one of the no-nonsense Dead End Kids! No matter how many heinous methods the Torchies devise, Billy keeps escaping their clutches. In the meantime, the Dead End Kids become members of the establishment, joining the clean-cut Junior G-Men in an effort to stop the snaky subversives from destroying the U.S. In addition to the usual Dead End comedyÑincluding a wild pie fightÑthere’s plenty of exciting detection work, high speed chases, and edge-of-the-seat cliffhangers: the kids find themselves in buildings about to explode, vehicles plunging off cliffs, and elevators and airplanes plumÂmeting toward certain doom. Will the Torchies obtain the vital information that will give them control of the entire world? Will Huntz Hall get through a single episode without fainting or being knocked unconscious? Learn the answers as you experience wartime serial comedy-adventure at its finest. 237 minutes. Serial